Cure Fear of Vomiting – Emetophobia Treatment

Do you suffer from a fear of vomiting, also called Emetophobia?

This is one of the three most common phobias today, although not many people know about it – sufferers included!

Lots of Emetophobes are not aware that they suffer from a valid problem.

Emetophobia is the intense, irrational fear of vomiting. This fear drastically impacts the lives of Emetophobes up to the point where it becomes such a huge burden, that some people can’t even leave the house.

But people suffering from this condition don’t necessarily have to live with it forever, even without spending thousands of dollars on therapy for several years.

Fear of Vomiting Symptoms – Am I Emetophobic?

Emetophobes rarely suffer only from the fear of throwing up – the condition comes in a package of various other complications, like social anxiety, agoraphobia, fear of food or germs, obsessive compulsive behavior and things like that.

This makes Emetophobia more complicated to treat, but the symptoms itself are pretty straightforward.

You might suffer form this type of phobia if you have an intense, sometimes overpowering fear of vomiting and nausea, especially in public places, seeing or hearing others throw up, being puked on, having pets throw up or, in severe cases, even just seeing pictures of puke or thinking of it.

In order to avoid situations where this can happen, sufferers often develop certain rituals and avoidance techniques, which impact their lives severely.

An Emetophobe will for example avoid eating foods that he or she hasn’t prepared themselves. This makes eating out or at friend’s houses very difficult. They also won’t eat anything that is close to or at it’s best before date in order to avoid getting sick.

If you’re emetophobic you’ll probably avoid public restrooms as well as bars, clubs and even restaurants where the chance of people getting drunk and sick is very high, right?

This also applies to hospitals and doctor’s offices, where the risk of catching a bug or seeing nauseous people is higher than normal.

Emetophobia also causes the intense fear of getting sick or nauseous. This can lead to various OCD behaviors designed to avoid catching anything that would make the person sick.

Public transportation is another big problem for people suffering from vomit phobia. You never know if the other people on the bus or train might get nauseous. Or you might suffer from motion sickness which makes driving nearly impossible for an Emetophobe.

Emetophobia is also a real issue during pregnancy because of morning sickness. And taking care of small or sick children is a huge challenge for emetophobic parents.

A common misunderstanding is that the person should either just „get over it“ because it’s not a big deal or that they are faking it altogether.

But Emetophobia is a real, medically recognized, phobia which impacts the lives of millions of people all over the world. The deep-rooted worry over vomiting can even cause stomach problems and nausea, leading to a vicious cycle of being afraid of throwing up and feeling nauseous because of that fear.

Emetophobia Causes – How does the Fear of Vomiting start?

So what can cause this surprisingly common phobia? Often times people develop this phobia after being sick for along time and throwing up repeatedly,. For example while suffering from an intense or drawn-out stomach-flu or chronic GI problems. Also seeing others being sick might trigger vomiting phobia.

But a lot of times a specific single event can’t be identified as the root cause. And knowing what caused it alone won’t make it go away. So let’s look at the treatment options next. Because Emetophobes don’t have to suffer and restrict themselves for the rest of their lives.

Emetophobia Cure – Fear of Vomiting Treatment

There are several methods of treatment for vomit phobia. The most common ones are exposure therapy and medication.

Exposure Therapy tries to treat the phobia through exposing someone to situations that trigger the fear. The goal is to desensitize the person through having them watch movies of people throwing up so they can become familiar with the sight and sounds. Quite honestly, this won’t be the right choice for most emetophobes because it involves a lot of stress.

Medication like anti-anxiety meds and antidepressants should help with the anxiety and fearful reaction, but most these pills can have nausea as a side-effect. A lot of people suffering from a fear of vomiting won’t willingly take medication that might cause them to be nauseous.

Of all treatments available, professional counseling and self-help are the most likely to produce lasting results and cure Emetophobia.

While counseling can be effective in some cases, it is also an extremely expensive and drawn-out process that might take years.

Self-Help is a common choice to deal with Emetophobia and can be very successful if you pick the right program.


Self-Help Emetophobia Treatment – Can it Cure Fear of Vomiting?

Overcoming a fear of vomiting on your own might seem like a daunting task, but if you chose the right program, it will help you deal with your inner fears and live your life free from the control the phobia holds over you.

The Emetophobia Recovery System will help you overcome your phobia for the price of one traditional counseling session and you won’t have any hassle with your insurance company or having to tell anyone about it.

With this system you won’t have to suffer through exposure therapy or tell anyone about your treatment if you’re embarrassed about it.

You can cure your fear of vomiting from the comfort of your home, as fast or slow as you want to and feel comfortable with.

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